Finally an overview of your favourite photos!

With thousands of photos on your phone and in the cloud, it's hard to keep an overview of your favourites. We’ll help you keep up easily. Get the job done and earn free prints! Easy right?

What can you expect?

Super easy to find your photos

With thousands of photos we understand the struggle. We made it super easy to find, collect and enjoy only your favourites.

All your favourites
in one place!

One app that holds only your life's favourite photos. Ready to be enjoyed or shared whenever you want.

We remind you

Time flies. We know. Therefore, let us help you with our free reminder service.

Earn free prints

Get the job done building while your
personal collection and earn free prints!

About Favourites+

Today’s phones are cluttered with thousands of photos. Our mission is to save people’s photos from the clutter by helping them to get a grip on their favourites. In the age of smartphones there often is a content overload which makes it hard to search for that one good memory in your camera roll. 

The app won’t replace Apple Photos, but will help you structure your photos in an overview that you can enjoy. Even better, we will improve your Apple Highlights by syncing your collection to your Apple Photos!

Favourites+ is completely free to use. You can even print for free with earned rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Favourites+ also available for Android?
Do I need to pay for the Favourites+ app?

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